Went to helsinki to meet up with ilkka and the boys during the weekend. Good times, and i was really happy to see what ilkka has going on with his project 16juin. Check it out if you have not seen it.


testing 1.2


imageimageBy the photos above i am not trying to make advertising for MQ(the bag)even though its a cool place and a newly opened deli. I tried to take some photos of the handplane i am making and the reto board, just to see if it works. If i can put photos direct from my phone to the site, it works.

Cheers guys, hope all is well and check back later.


Good morning.

I am really supriced about how early spring came this year.
Or lets put it this way, how bad the winter was!

Cause usually spring will not be here until a month or two. Which is in mid April or in the end of April. Usually its possible to surf in the beginning of may, so we are 2 months ahead of schedule, which is good, i like it. And i am supriced also, cause the water is not so cold, or yeah its cold compared to other places, but i thought it would be colder. I would say its around 3-5 degrees at the moment. I have surfed in colder conditions if we put it that way.

So today i took out the 9’6 from Nico. A sweet board that i fell in love with quite early. Got some rides on it today and it felt good! Since we are pending on windswell i came out a little late, but i got a good 1.5 hour of surfing. Looks like the weekend will bring more swell which im looking forward to.

So all in all, i’m happy to have surfed this early, i don’t think it will happen again for many years, if ever!

here are some photos. If you want to see more updates, you can follow me on instagram!

cheers, björn.

11mars 11mars2 11mars3

Piiis out.



A warm winter

Wohoo the sun is here and the ocean is open, i dont know how, but thats the way it is. Think its the first time in my life i experience this, and its just awsome!
Usually its 0.5meters of ice on the ocean and alot of snow, but not this year.

I remember last year this time me and Lotta took a walk on the ice to one of the islands here in the archipelago.

surfs up!



Been rocking the R4 and R3 wetsuits for a while and i have nothing but positive experience about them.
Superwarm and comfty, and espessially good for our waters here up north.

Pretty sure we get the coldest waters on the globe, since the ocean freezes during the winter.

”you know at the end of the day our goal is to make people excited about going outside”




Uuuuh, finally. In 4 days we are jumping on the train that takes us to Helsinki. And from there we are flying to Lisabon. Jumping in the car and we are off to Ericeira and then sagres. Looks like Ericeira will be big on Friday, so lets see what happens. I am also really looking forward to take out my new board. A hypto krypto from hayden shapes.

Whilst in Ericeira Sami will pick up his vehicle made by Nico at wavegliders.



Handplanes from RETO.

If you want to order one, email me at and we can discuss the details.

This handplanes recides in portugal at the Magic Quiver surfshop.