A good Friday and Saturday!

It was a nice Friday and Saturday, thanks to everyone who came by!

It feels good to start cutting a little bit more, and i still have so much to learn.
I am really happy that i found Klipperi, could not ask for a better teacher than Eva-Britt!

Let’s do it again this week! Welcome!

I’m also really happy with the old furnitures that i got the other day!

-the bear.


It is getting closer, this friday i will start my drop in at Klipperi here in Jakobstad!(09.00-17.00)

I will be there Saturday aswell from 08.00 to 13.00.

Welcome over for a cut or just to say hello!

The price is 20€/cut


drop in Fridays and Saturdays!

From 24 and 25 of October i will be cutting hair at Södermalmsgatan 6(Klipperi), on the opposite side of Campus Allegro.

I will be there only Fridays and Saturdays! Drop in is the way we do it. Welcome! Friday 9-17 and Saturday 8-13

*Klipperi is ofcause open as before (Tuesdays-Fridays 9-17 and Saturdays 8-13)

Pomade & Wax

I am happy to announce that from todays date,  8.10.2014. I will be carrying Uppercut deluxe. I have tested their products now
for a year (since i was in byron bay in 2013 during the byron bay surf festival). It is by far the best hair products i have ever used.

Check back for more info later, meanwhile check out : http://www.uppercutdeluxe.com/




What’s up?

The fall is here and that means that the storms are coming, the summer is slipping away and its getting way colder day by day. Have not been that much surf, actually none! It looked like we wold get 3 good days last week, the forecast was soo good that even our good friend Jon came over from sweden, only to be dissapointed in heelhigh waves, why? Too much northeast winds and the water was too low = sucks.

But it is ok, i am trying to spend as much time with my gf and our newborn baby which turns 6 weeks today, Love it! Kids are awsome!

I am trying to skate and go to the gym as much as i can aswell, but not too much of that is happening to be honest, only couple of times per week.

Well well, might be a storm on the horizon and new things going on with the barber plans, hopefully it will work out, i’m soo looking forward too it!

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