Drop in

It was a fun week, a lot to learn and i have been using the new Oster alot, and it is superb, love it! here is a photo of my latest work. My last customer on saturday, julien with a low fade.


A good Friday and Saturday!

It was a nice Friday and Saturday, thanks to everyone who came by!

It feels good to start cutting a little bit more, and i still have so much to learn.
I am really happy that i found Klipperi, could not ask for a better teacher than Eva-Britt!

Let’s do it again this week! Welcome!

I’m also really happy with the old furnitures that i got the other day!

-the bear.


It is getting closer, this friday i will start my drop in at Klipperi here in Jakobstad!(09.00-17.00)

I will be there Saturday aswell from 08.00 to 13.00.

Welcome over for a cut or just to say hello!

The price is 20€/cut


drop in Fridays and Saturdays!

From 24 and 25 of October i will be cutting hair at Södermalmsgatan 6(Klipperi), on the opposite side of Campus Allegro.

I will be there only Fridays and Saturdays! Drop in is the way we do it. Welcome! Friday 9-17 and Saturday 8-13

*Klipperi is ofcause open as before (Tuesdays-Fridays 9-17 and Saturdays 8-13)

Pomade & Wax

I am happy to announce that from todays date,  8.10.2014. I will be carrying Uppercut deluxe. I have tested their products now
for a year (since i was in byron bay in 2013 during the byron bay surf festival). It is by far the best hair products i have ever used.

Check back for more info later, meanwhile check out : http://www.uppercutdeluxe.com/