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So we started to make a new video about the surfboard. One of my friends said its been the worst autumn for surfing for the last 5 years, and i aggreed with him. Its been super hard to get some material for the video. And thats because we are addicted to storms and the storms usually show up during nights and mornings, and that is when everybody is at work. And if one of us if free and it would be possible to shoot the video, the guy with the camera has to work, or lives in another site. not easy.

Actually we got it working for the second time couple of weeks ago, one friday morning in mid december. The storm kicked in at night with full force, but it it was possible to surf 5 hours later due to the darkness. We managaed to get the last transitions of that storm, but it only lasted 1-1.5 hours. So the surfing in that video is from that. Noting spectacular, but you can see that the board floats.

We will make a new clip after our next trip to portugal in late february.

Not easy, but check back later for the clip. Filmed and edited by Ludde Nylund.


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