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The season is coming to an end. Not many days lefter before the ocean freezes and its time to get on the snowboard again. We have not had too many days on the water like i mentioned earlier, but the days that has been on, has really been ON. I have surfed the biggest waves in Finland in my life so far this fall. Way over head, and i really wish we had more days like that, cause its makes you a better surfer, and it is so much fun.

If we are lucky, IF..there might be some days still, so lets hope for the best. But the water is getting really cold now, you don’t want to get it in your wetsuit, cause it will fuck up your system, a cold water chock. Its not fun.  And you don’t want to duckdive more then twice in a row. cause your head will start hurting, true story. It’s best if you don’t have to duck dive at all.

So lets see what happens. The winds from the south are still on, so lets hope it does not freeze just yet.

thanks to 654.se in Stockholm for keeping me warm! The patagonia suits are the best on the market for sure, i can promise you that.

If you suit up in 7mm boots, 5mm gloves and a R4 from patagonia for the cold water surf,  YOU ARE BULLET PROOF. I guarantee that.



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