REcycle for TOmorrow / RETO

Skateboards are sweet, its just as simple as that. Most people throw them away after they snap. There´s is such great colors inside these boards, keep them and make art, furniture or whatever you like. It will be awsome!

Thousands of boards being used as landfill all over the world, and that´s a shame with this great material inside these boards.Don´t throw those boards away, keep them and make something beautiful!


Since december 2011 i have been working on a 6’4 hollow fishsurfboard made from old skateboards. Its been a long and hard process, but so fun, and i have learned alot!
I want to give Matti Finholm a BIG thanks for helping me out on this projekt, And all my friends who have donated their old boards! I have collected all the material/leftovers from making this board, and i will use it in my next project. In our dialekt RETO means broken.



The 6’4 hollow surfboard / 6’4 x 23 x 2 3/4

Materials beeing used

Inside the board

The RETO fish.

The RETO fish testday / Ericeira, Portugal

 THE HANDPLANE / 400 mm x 200 mm x 20 mm


I made a handplane as a gift to Rui Ribeiro at Magic Quiver for helping me get me new board from Wavegliders.
Its the second thing coming out of the new workshop!

Its made from the scrap material/leftovers from the RETO surfboard above.



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