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1 augusti, 2014
av björn
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The past weeks.

I have Been working a lot, skateboarding, swimming, cutting hair, chilling at our summer house with my girl, enjoying the summer.

20140801-114943-42583167.jpgUC. Maybe the best wax i have used, superstrong and it leaves a really good look. Got introduced to uppercut deluxe in 2013, when i was invited to the Byron Bay surf festival in Australia. Good stuff!



Game of skate



#Laesh icecreames for everybody!

26 juni, 2014
av björn
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Ludde Nylund put together a short clip today. Below is a screenprint, the video will be uploaded tomorrow friday.

The hollow 6’4 fish(made from broken skateboard decks) beeing surfed in small and not so clean Finnish conditions. It was filmed two early mornings after two storms that had passed trough the night.

We have tried to get good solid waves captured on a camera for 2 years for a sweet clip, but it seems impossible here where we live. The good storms usually pass in the fall and then its almost too dark to shoot anything.

But no worries, check back for more updates and clips on whats going on.



23 juni, 2014
av björn
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Old photos from the summer of 2013

reshape reshape2 reshape3one year ago i reshaped the board to make it as light as possible, here are some photos from the process if you have not seen them already. after this Nico from Wavegliders glassed the board. With nicos glassing skills, it turned out perfect!

the bottom + fins.

23 juni, 2014
av björn
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I surfed the board during the week, it runs really easy and its fast! gets past the whitewater pretty easily if left behind, and it turns well. ofcause its different than a normal board since its wood, but its fun!

1 juni, 2014
av björn
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it has been kind of calm lately, the winds have not been that strong, and its always been on the point where there could be waves, or not.
and thats the worst condition here where we live. cause its a gamble and the swell window could last 2-3 hours, so you better be on point.

during the last days of may we got some transition to slide on, nothing big, but still alot of fun, and we had such a good time! i surfed with patrik strömberg and ludvig nylund, sami also tagged along and took some photos(check the surfpic below) the other photos are taken by myself while trying to find some waves, and some possible new spots.

The patagonia suits are superb also. funny one day last week. i went out the first day with ONLY the 3mm(no boots or gloves) yes it was cold, but i managed ok. the other day i went to the same place, with the thicker suit(5mm) with only boots and no gloves. i jumped in and the temperature had changed so much over the night, so i had to run back to the car for the gloves, it was impossible to go in without them. or yes i tried but it felt best to put on the gloves so i would not damage something with the cold. and ofcause you stay warmer way longer with proper stuff and a good circulation in the wetsuit of warmth. which means that everything is protected and closed to keep the cold outside.

i really enjoyed surfing in the 3mm, it is thousand times easier than in the robotsuit.